9 Benefits Of SEO For Strong Small Business Growth

Written By Brad

Understanding the benefits of SEO can be difficult to wrap your head around? Everything moving at a snail’s pace makes you wonder if SEO helps or not.

Many small business owners think getting any benefit from SEO takes too long, is cumbersome, there’s too much to learn, don’t see results or don’t see them fast enough.

It’s true – search engine optimization can take some time, and if not done the right way, you won’t see the best results. I still believe though it’s an enormous mistake not to grow your business with SEO.

SEO can play a major role in helping your business prosper and grow.

In this post, I’m listing 10 SEO benefits for small businesses owners to show you why you need to pay attention to search engine optimization.

9 Benfits of SEO

1. Attract New Customers

Using SEO for marketing is about one thing – new customers.
You think about getting to page one of Google and then the ultimate – to number one in the (search engine result pages) SERPS.

But the actual reason for this is to get more clicks on your listing.
More clicks mean more visitors, which can then turn into leads or customers.

2. Attracting Customers In The Awareness Phase

Visitors in the awareness phase of the buying cycle know they have some problem or need. They are looking for the solution in the search engines. They’re not ready to buy yet, but gathering information.

This is the perfect time to get your company in front of them.

From an SEO perspective, it’s easier to rank for this phase because visitors are using long tail keywords.

And, in this phase, the potential pool of new customers is greater, only restricted by the size of the market.
You will not be visible if you’re not ranking for these terms and your competitors will get ahead of you.

3. Organic SEO Traffic

SEO traffic generation is the actual purpose of your digital marketing. Your conversion rate might be low. But,

But, doubling or tripling your organic traffic levels, you can double or triple your conversions.

One word of caution though, traffic for the sake of traffic, is not what you want. Targeted website traffic is what you need for your business to thrive.

4. Targeted Website Traffic

Doing your SEO keyword research in the right way will attract relevant traffic to your website.

Only target keywords and phrases with the right search intent, meaning they apply to your products or services.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

According to Sprout’s 2018 Social Index 80% of social marketers said their goal was brand awareness.

What does brand awareness mean exactly?

How customers relate to and remember your business. The more brand awareness your company or business has, the more recognition there is of your logo, messaging, and products.

It’s easier to sell to customers already familiar with you than to customers unfamiliar with your brand.
The higher you appear in the search engines will increase brand awareness for your business.
In turn, brand recognition also improves your click-through-rate.

6. Cost Effective Marketing

With the cost of marketing, enormous companies can always outspend small ones. It’s not possible to compete. Yet, that’s not true with SEO marketing. But it means you have to pick your battles.

Paying for ads is a continuous strategy. Stop the ads and visitors dry up. SEO however can deliver visitors for years to come.

If there’s a small downside to SEO, it’s the work on your site that never stops if you want to keep and maintain high rankings. There’s always up-and-coming websites that aim to knock you off your perch.

SEO done properly has a higher return on investment than paid traffic, but it will take longer to get there.

7. Site Usability

A key metric for a search engine’s algorithm is site usability. It’s crucial for companies like Google to provide an exceptional user experience. Google demands its users get the best experience.

And if your site has terrible usability, then it will affect your conversions and rankings. Visitors don’t have the patience to understand how your site works. They expect it to be clear when they immediately land on your listing.

If not they will leave as quickly as they arrived. Your site’s bounce rate will be high, and will have serious consequences for the way search engines look at your site.

By improving and focusing your SEO you also refine your site usability. It will help your site be seen as useful to users and place your site higher in the search listings.

8. Importance Of Customer Data

I need not tell you customer data is vital to marketing companies. Without the right data, you’re flailing around in the dark.

It’s the lifeblood of any company, armed with right data it can propel your company forward.

The keywords and phrases you type into search engines will give you constant feedback on what your customers are searching for. That opens up a world of possibilities. Even the introduction of new products.

It offers you a massive competitive edge.

9. Marketing Competition

If you search online for your keywords, you may well come across your marketing competition. And, if you find them occupying the first page of Google, you’ll think to yourself you should rank for those terms. But you’re not.

If you had only spent some time instigating solid SEO campaigns a few years ago, you probably would be. The disappointment you feel hurts.

But the excellent news is – it’s never too late. You can still climb above them. You can do this in time.
By investing in your site’s SEO now, you can climb the search listings and take away their spot and their clients and sales.

Takeaway On Benefits Of SEO

There are many reasons for owning your own website. But the most important is to generate more leads and sales. There are no other reasons that matter so much.
But without the right SEO campaigns, getting the results you desperately need will be difficult, if not impossible.

Not everyone can pay for traffic day in, day out. You need long arms and deep pockets if that’s the route you walk.

SEO will help you grow your business and bring you the clients that need and are searching for your products and services.

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